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It’s time to do “Something”

Before I venture down this path let me just say, I continue to thank the good Lord for his watchful eye over this little sparrow.    It’s been 23 years since my autologous bone marrow transplant and I’m grateful that I can clearly see His fatherly hand…protecting and guiding me to this day…this moment, with you.   Whoever “you” are.

So why tell a story that’s 23 years old and counting?

A family member of a patient at Lakeridge penned a poem the other day about “Angels in Blue Plastic Dresses” and I’ve been thinking about it since.   It was a heartfelt outpouring of love and it captured perfectly the love I felt for my “angels in blue” who I still think of with great love to this day.   It goes further of course, to the doctors who, for some reason, choose this profession as their life’s passion (Dr. Chiu) and for every medical professional in their specific disciplines that all played a part in my health and wellbeing.   Emergency, Phlebotomy, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Surgery, Recovery…all of them!

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.12.42 AM

I tried to write daily during my transplant journey in 1993 and on the days I was too tired or sick to care; my mom filled in the blanks.  When finally we reached the other side of treatment days and home care nurses, I managed to compile all of my thoughts  into a nicely typed journal that I had planned to do “something” with.   Ok.  Now what?  I wasn’t sure I should put it out in the world or if I even wanted to.   I did circulate a few copies here and there but honestly, just like my blog now, it was my way of dealing with it all, finding a way to put it perspective and then even getting to a point where I was grateful for the journey.

“if you don’t learn anything in the valley, then the journey was just a frighteningly dark walk with no flashlight.”


My second birthday is approaching on November 5th.   It’s time to do “something.”

Love always,


PS.   If you find Robert, would you kindly hug him and any family members that will let you?   I’d be forever grateful.

Treasures in the Sand

A guest post from Opa V!

I have had a pocket knife collection/obsession ever since I was a little boy.  It’s a well-known fact for those that know and love me.   Knives and Flashlights.  🙂

My family traveled and camped every summer and as my dad really loved the mountains, westward we would go!   On one of our overnight stops at Neys Provincial Park, we walked down to the beach to see the creative submissions of the sandcastle competition.   As we walked, I noticed something shiny, so I stopped to dig it up.  I could NOT believe what I had found!   A Buck 3 blade pocket knife.  The knife every young boy was after!


I was initially very afraid dad wouldn’t let me keep it but he did and my obsession was born!   Many a marshmallow stick was carved with that knife along with many (unsuccessful) attempts at whittling a masterpiece that I imagined in my young mind.

My dad, a master carpenter, taught me everything I needed to know about soft wood versus hard wood and to NEVER cut towards myself.   Then came the sharpening lessons on his well-worn whet stone. “Give it a good amount of spit and turn the blade until razor sharp”.   It never left my pocket.   Until.   I lost it on one of my many adventures.   I searched high and low but it was not to be.  I was devasted.

Fast forward 35 years.   After anxiously awaiting news of the online auction for this little gem, it was mine.   Canada Post delivered it today, all the way from Tennessee.   The unboxing of the same vintage knife I held many years ago, was more emotional than I was prepared for.   The box was pristine, the paperwork intact, the knife wrapped carefully in paper, not a scratch to be found.    The note from the chairman of the board from mid-1970’s along with the knife care instructions was incredible to read.

Having it back in my pocket where it belongs is completely overwhelming but let’s face it, it wasn’t really ever about the knife at all.  🙂

I expect there will be some whittling around a family campfire in the very near future along with a bright-eyed little grandson asking….”Opa what is that supposed to be?”

Let me tell you a story Noah….


To learn more:



Preparing for the 2016 adventures!

Remember i said we take a million pictures of Roxy?    She’s so adorable, how could you not?    She’s worn out because…it’s time to move!   The 2016 adventures begin shortly!

Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.35.27 Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.36.28 Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.36.47 Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.37.17 Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.37.31


Sending love, love, love for some rest before we get moving!

Love always,


Sleep well famjam!

We received the loveliest gift from my daughter to our family.   Our crafty Lyd is KNOWN in our family for these.   The intentional spelling error only makes it more special Lyd!   Just ask Je(backwards F).     We LOVE them!  🙂

Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.29.51

Sending (Lydia) love, love, love!

Love always,


Trucker Appreciation Day!

We’ve joyfully participated in Trucker Appreciation Week in this house. We sang “the wheels on the truck go round and round” as we celebrated our resident trucker.  For this week…and this week ONLY…we all agree…that you drive truck!   

Screenshot 2016-03-13 13.56.44











Love always,


We love our puppy!

I could write about this beautiful animal every single day.   She’s such a delight as she toddles after me around the house, sits beside my desk when I’m working at the computer, snuggles into the covers with me when she’s tired.   She rolls over for “her turn” when I get the vacuum, barks at squirrels, presses her nose to the living room window to watch the kids come home from school, wags her tail for any reason, knocking every last thing off the coffee table without a thought.  😉

We take millions of pictures of her.    She often forgets that she’s nine years old.   She chases her ball with her whole heart and usually ends up paying the price at the end of the day when she lays her weary head down for the day.

I never get tired of watching her run.   This day, was no exception.   🙂

Screenshot 2016-03-13 16.41.27

Screenshot 2016-03-13 16.57.02

Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.01.19

Sending love, love, and some puppy love,

Love always,


Back to School

I haven’t gone back to school for MANY years and yet, every September I have this overwhelming urge to buy shiny new school supplies.   I suppose it always fit in well with my learning and development background.   🙂

My sister dropped off some pencils at my door years ago and I smile every time I see them.   I should have put a date on the wrapper…I’ve had it forever!


Welcome to my other incurable addiction.   Notebooks.    Glorious blank notebooks!!!  As I prepare for another September with the youth program and as other projects and schedules ramp up, it’s time for a new capture tool to download this never ending list in my brain!   I just received a set of these delightful notebooks and matching notecards from ModCloth. I need to put a card in the mail STAT!   They are so adorable!

2015-09-02 15.19.20

For me, September is a time to (re)focus on cleaning up and putting things where they belong after a wonderful summer of leisure.   As we head into fall (and especially this fall), I’m looking forward to some interesting projects that are awaiting my talent and energy.

Sending love, love, love (for fun new things)!












I’ve been adopted….

Three amazing kids have adopted me into their family and I’ve never been happier.

I was thinking about a symbolic way to keep them close every day…..and once I saw these, my heart sang a little song and I welled up like the emotional creature that I am.    The fact that these three rings sit right beside my beautiful engagement ring…says it all.    My family…all snuggled up on one hand.

If you’re interested in your own version, chat with Melissa at her Etsy Shop called “Brag About It“.    You won’t be able to stop talking about these beautiful crafted pieces.

Full disclosure.  When these arrived, I cried all the way home from my post box.   🙂
Screenshot 2016-03-13 16.25.35


Sending you love, love, and more love!


A Delightful Zoo Outing

I love the zoo.   We have purchased our annual membership and plan to walk that hill in the Canadian exhibit every chance we get.    It’s a great backdrop for a walking date with my love and spectacular for keeping my blood pressure in normal limits.    A chance to slow down, sip coffee, wander through the exhibits to see Henry the Hippo, Marvin the Moose and our other friends.

This particular day however, was for our little monkey’s first birthday.   What a gloriously HOT day!   We managed our way around the zoo and ended the day at the splash park where momma, Oma and little monkey were delighted to find some relief from the heat.

2015-08-19 19.13.11

Happy birthday little one.   You are loved beyond what you could even imagine!

Sending love, love, love (and blessings on your day of birth)!