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Author: irene

My Burden is Light

We were prepared for a long day.

Two friends in two different cities, with two different health concerns coming to very serious medical interventions.   Today we are reminded of, and even grateful for, our own very light burdens.

The day started honestly enough with a fire alarm at 5:30 am.   If you’d like to check to see if your heart medication is working, THIS is a brilliant way to get started.   Haha.  Bolt upright.  Confused.   Alarmed.   Now don’t fret.   We already knew that there’s something wrong with the smoke detectors in the house and had investigated various causes and solutions.   They go off randomly for about 5 seconds, then quietly resume their normal function.  You can bet that the “replace the smoke detectors” is now on the top of the list of things to do.

I wasn’t going to sleep much longer anyway.    As I awaited news from my bestest, I was a restless, uneasy mess.   Technology to the rescue!    For the next 8 hours we chattered through the hours of waiting, waiting and more waiting.  It was as good for me as I expect it was for her.

DABb2778SY4Surgery that was to have ended at noon, finally came to a close around 2pm with news that all was well.   No complications.   No four hour drive needed.   It was time to unpack the “just-in-case-I-need-to-leave-in-a-hurry” bag.  Thank goodness!

The other friend is a strong strapping fella capable of moving ANY obstacle in his way.    A fierce protector of his family and strong man on the farm.    This man was reduced to unbearable pain and agony after injury incurred while serving our country.   It’s going to be a long road of recovery but we pray for strength and for endurance for the days that are coming.   As the doctors dig towards diagnoses and treatment, we stand with you as family.

It’s been a true day of reflection.   With health concerns of those I love, along with the chaos of the world around me, I’ll gladly carry my light burdens without complaining.

I’m so very grateful for His blessing on a difficult day, for the prayer chain that lifted our friends to Him and for His steadfast love for His children, including little old me…his sparrow.

With great love (for others),


Shirly (Irene) Vanluling

Love is a 365 letter word…

My love and I wandered to the movies on Valentines day.   Yup.  Busiest date night on the planet.  I really feel like every day is Valentines Day so I will find ANY opportunity to tell my loved ones that I adore them.

We went to see “The Imitation Game“.    It was fantastic!

Screenshot 2015-03-13 20.05.45

We had taken a trip to the War Museum in Ottawa last year and typed this note to my love on the “Enigma” machine.    Perhaps appropriate that we saw this movie on Valentines Day.  ðŸ™‚

I love you my dear!    More than I could have ever imagined!!! xo

Shirly (Irene) Vanluling

Irene Byers – Journal – February 12, 1975

Irene Byers – Journal Entry- February 12, 1975

Made more soup.  Bonnie washing and plumber inspector came.  Vern in to talk sewers again.   Will be putting another “Y” in drain hold to pass inspection later on.  Made 2 fig pies in afternoon.

Love(d) her always,

Irene Byers – Journal – February 11, 1975

Irene Byers – Journal Entry- February 11, 1975

I done washing, hung inside, then it cleared up.  We went to Port Hope.  Molly and Edge along. Shopped at Bake shops and on to Zellers and Dominion near Cobourg.  Ate there and came to Molly’s and ate again.  Home 9pm.  Good day.

Love(d) her always,

Dominion Cobourg

Irene Byers – Journal – February 10, 1975

Irene Byers – Journal Entry- February 10, 1975

Bright and cold.  Shirly here all AM.  We took several pictures some very good ones.  Had lunch and folks left at 1pm.

Love(d) her always,

Shirly at Irenes

Irene Byers – Journal – February 8, 1975

Irene Byers – Journal Entry- February 8, 1975

Made apple pudding biscuits and snack cake in AM.  Shirly here all morning for breakfast.  Made soup in afternoon.  Watched TV awhile in eve.

I wonder what she watched in the evening.  🙂

Love(d) her always,

Irene Byers – Journal – February 7, 1975

Irene Byers – Journal Entry- February 7, 1975

Lovely day.  Away to Knob Hill at 1pm.  Molly and Edge along, lunch in Whitby and home about 5pm. Watched TV in eve.

Love(d) her always,

Irene Byers – Journal – February 6, 1975

Irene Byers – Journal Entry- February 6, 1975

Vacuumed and dusted house, went to Orono with Molly and Edge afternoon.  Got my needle and shopped.  I got a print for dress and groceries at Toms, then to Kirby for meat.  Ate at the Dutch Oven.  Home at 4pm. Good day.  Full.   George arrived at 8pm.  Supper.

Love(d) her always,

Irene Byers – Journal – February 5, 1975

Irene Byers – Journal Entry- February 5, 1975

Bright for a while then blustery again.
Bonnie washing and took to the dryer downtown.

I suppose she went downtown so she didn’t have to pick up the washing and repeat.

Love(d) her always,