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To the dump, to the dump to the dump, dump dump….

I’m all for recycling and reusing items around the house.  I’d prefer to turn to kijjii or Bibles for Mission or even the farm for things i’m not ready to part with (thanks sista).

However, there comes a time when a trip to the dump is required to free yourself of the storage war waging in the basement.    My dear old dad dropped off the trailer on Tuesday and it took the majority of the day to sort, donate or toss things into the bin.    On Wednesday, it took us less than 3 minutes to unload at the depot.   I had to do a bit of ducking as dad tossed things over my head, but I gleefully said goodbye to things that we couldn’t donate or recycle.

All three of us said…wow, we should have done that a long time ago.  The house looks AMAZING!

Now to plan for the next (smaller) nest and the next chapter!

Love, love, love,