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Anyone that knows me will tell you that I’m not so good at sitting still.   After a lovely trip to LeNordik with my bestest, we enjoyed a few hours of peace and relaxation before I started to fuss and fidget.   She was convinced that the only way I could rest was to overhaul their reservation system and streamline their process.  She wasn’t wrong, I needed something to do.   She knows me well!   For the record, there was nothing wrong with their reservation system or processes.  It was FABULOUS!!

I’m always up early and before all else, there is COFFEE.   I actually love mornings.  That time when the first list starts to form and my brain kicks into gear for the day.

Resting takes practice and ironically, planning.   For that, I need a list!

We have a great little RV for two and WE. LOVE. IT!   It’s packed with everything we need to hit the road…just add food.   So…here it is!   A Trim Health Mama menu for four days of R&R as we venture out to visit friends for the long weekend.


Bacon, Eggs, Zucchini & Coffee (S)
Sheri’s Chocolate Cake & Coffee (FP)
Toast with Peanut Junkie Butter (PBJ), no sugar jam & Coffee (E)
French Toast in a Bowl & Coffee (S)


Apple/Celery with PJB (E)
Cottage cheese & berries (FP)
Sheri’s Chocolate Cake (FP)
Nuke Queen Bread & Cheese/Deli Slices (FP, S)


Sausage & Pepper/Zucchini (S)
Steak & Pepper/Zucchini (S)
Chicken & Salad / Brown Rice (E)
Meatballs & Dreamfields Pasta (S)
Sheri’s Chocolate Cake (FP)


Sheri’s Chocolate Cake (FP)
One Bowl Chocolate Fudge Cake (S)
French Toast in a Bowl (S)
Trimtastic Chocolate Cake (S)
Bust a Myth Cake (E)
Peanut Butter Cookies (S)


Popcorn (E)
Baked Tostitos (E) & Salsa
Sheri’s Chocolate Cake (FP)
A few SmartCakes (FP)
Beer & Wine

You get 10 points if you can figure out my go to food for any meal.  🙂   Want to know more about THM?   Check out Gwen’s Nest!

Have a great long weekend.  May you find some rest before the September routine replaces these “lazy” summer days!

Love always,