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Camping. Day 0 – July 28, 2016

We bought a CareFree Sunshade. We hemmed and hawed about it for a few weeks, then phoned the dealer to ask for a bit more information.   Instead of inquiring and investigating, they ordered it.   So, decision made!   We picked it up just before our Algonquin camping trip.   WE.  LOVE.  IT.    We chose a 10 x 6 ft shade in sierra brown that slides into the groove on the awning roller.   It contains a high-density screen which gives us the added privacy along with the ability to sit outside “in the sun” without becoming lobster like (ok that’s mostly just for me).

Dad used to holler at me when I sat in the sun.   Sit in the shade!  Where’s the sunscreen?  Put some clothes on!   Why?    I was 12.   We were camping.  I was burnt nearly to oblivion.   I couldn’t even sit down for supper.   So, he wasn’t wrong.    I heard you papa!    I have the Sunshade to prove it.

Love always,