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We SOLD the house…

OK.  I’m a pretty organized person.   The house is tidy 99.8 per cent of the time.   Even still!   What a job getting ready for the real estate agent to come and take pictures.   We purged, straightened, pinned, organized, moved furniture and packed away things that were a distraction to outsiders.     Then I took pictures and continued packing until I was happy.

We were so pleased with the listing and it’s clear that others felt the same way.  We sold the house in under 24 hours!    We were a bit worried that we’d have to live in a museum state for a time with Ms. Thing (me) wandering around muttering about coffee mugs, glasses or any laundry that was older than 5 minutes.   🙂

Our real estate agent was awesome.     No really AWESOME.

Sold the House

Expect to listen to me as a pack and move three of us out of here.   Next chapter please!

Love, love, love!