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We LOVE to snack!

That time post dinner but pre-sleepyville!   I love snacktime!   It wasn’t uncommon to have Party Mix or Skinny Pop in the house for times just like this.    My issue has always been portion control.  🙂

Well….MOVE over and make some room for Crunch Puffs!

With a bit of additional energy, these Crunch Puffs do the trick.   The right mix of egg whites, xantham gum, baking blend and psyllium along with spices of choice make a delightful FP snack!

You will need the THM cookbook, then flip to Page 460 for the full list of ingredients and instructions.   To learn more about THM, visit Trim Healthy Mama.   I could go on and on (and I do to almost anyone that will stop and listen to me for five minutes).

There’s another benefit to all of this home made snacking business.   I can dive into these crunchy bits with reckless abandon…as I completely control the salt content!

So, I’m unsure of what we will be watching on Netflix this evening but I’m POSITIVE about what’s going into my snack bowl!

Love always,



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