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We bought a trailer! WhaHOOOOO!

I’ve wanted a trailer for as long as I’ve had a pinterest board.   A little trailer to renovate, cute curtains, upholstered cushions, a sweet little pinstriped awning.   You know the one.

Well, no renovations required for this baby!  Isn’t she just a beautiful thing to behold.   With all of this glorious cupboard space…I can’t organize to my hearts content.    After years of camping in a pop up trailer, I can barely wait to load my stuff and hit the open road.    I’ll show you the inside of my cupboards as soon as I can load this beautiful baby up!

Lets.  Go.  CAMMMMPPPING!!!!

Sending you love, love, love…for some down time!.

Love always,

Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.27.37

SOLD - Our Trailer - Bath and Cupboards SOLD - Our Trailer - Big Cubbie SOLD - Our Trailer - Cupboards SOLD - Our Trailer - FloorPlan SOLD - Our Trailer - Kitchen SOLD - Our Trailer - Kitchen table SOLD - Our Trailer - Little Cubbie SOLD - Our trailer - Outside