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Visit with the old team….

I’ve been off work since November and have blissfully enjoyed the leisure life.    Leisure what?   I’ve been busier than ever with Monday’s with mom, Thursday’s @Hope and everything else between.   How is it Friday again?

Between planning a small wedding for mom and dad’s anniversary, being sick with a cold, a glorious vacation, then the flu bug hit two out of three in our nest.   Somewhere in all of that we managed to sort the house from top to bottom and sign a deal a mere 24 hours after being listed.   I’m tuckered out just typing that.  Hahaha.

Today is a bittersweet day.    B is in from Halifax so those of us that could, joined her for a hug and to raise a glass to our awesome team.

I’m feeling very proud of the work we accomplished.   We worked hard to bring health and safety, project management, client relationships and technical development skills to our people.     We provided infrastructure in the LMS, integrated elearning for off the shelf training, developed content for specific technical disciplines and we did it all with a remote team that had never been in the same room together.   Yet….glued together like family.   😉

I miss my calls with B, to talk about the interesting projects we were working on, looking forward to was coming and finding our way through challenges.   As we were both “newly unemcumbered by the yolk of employment” (B’s line) at the same time, we were able to hold each other up with daily check in’s or calls.

I really miss David’s “miss Shirly, miss Shirly” each morning and am so grateful that I started my career and ended my career with such a wonderful mentor and friend.   From early days at reception, to Golder U, Queens University and University of Toronto projects I still do get the odd email which warms my heart to this day!

So..there is peace in my heart and excitement for what’s next!!!

Sending love, love, love,