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Turn your closet inside out…

It’s the Monday after the time change.    How lovely for the light to last a little longer and for temperatures to be on a slow rise.   It’s supposed to be really lovely today so I’m skipping the indoor track and trading up for free Vitamin D with Roxy!

As the weather warms, my thoughts inevitably turn to my closet.    It’s not on my schedule, but I’m feeling inspired to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in!    It’s time to haul everything out and revisit my clothes to hanger ratio.     Before and after photos…yes, yes…I know.  🙂

My process:

1.  Pull everything out.
2.  CLEAN…ahhhh….:)
3.  Sort all items into similar piles
4.  Edit OUT those items that you hung on those backwards hangers.
5.  Return everything to the closet on backwards hangers.

There are a mirad of blogs and glorious glossy magazines that show off storage baskets and meticulous signage that I may drool over for the next abode but for now, keeping things simple is my plan.   It’s time to work through the closets of the house to clean it, pack it or sell it!   A move is upon us!!!

Admittedly, I am a dress fan…’s an adiction without a cure!!!!

Sending you love, love, love!


P.S.  Today marks your first mini mission (YMM):  Turn EVERY hanger in your closet around today!  Stay tuned!