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The Scrapbook…

I took a LOT of photos over the years and collected every single random shot in six (count ’em six) photo albums. Every now and again I would dust them off and take a wander down memory lane.

Enter scrapbooking.   Thanks sister.  xo

Screenshot 2015-03-13 20.12.22

I had so many out-of-focus, one-of-a-kind gems that it was hard to know what to keep and what to let go of.    I also didn’t keep EVERY little scrap of paper but if my heart sang a little when something passed through my hands, I listened.   Scrapbooking had me diving through years of glorious photos and adding my  birth announcement (thanks mom), autographs from a book I’d been given when I was young (thanks mom), every report card (thanks mom), a detention poem (not mine promise), my drivers licence application, diplomas and years of family vacation photos, my chemo and bone marrow transplant days….all beautiful parts of my past, in one book.    Thank goodness for my mom!

One of the most memorable scrapbooking days for me was cutting up (gasp) a very precious get well card from Miss Vroom’s sixth grade class.   It was HUGE.  I had carefully packed it many times and it moved with me each time.    When I got to this point in my timeline I knew I wanted to scrapbook it but was terrified it might never be the same if I took scissors to it.    I took a deep breath and started cutting.   I’m so happy with the result!

Now I head down memory lane without involving dusty old boxes or allergy medication.    I also now have two scrapbooks, not 6 photo albums and the rest is literally history.   Feel inspired to take a trip of your own!!!!  

Love always,