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The Office…

The office space is my place to write, read and even relax.  Some of my favourite treasures have migrated to my desk over time….a watch made by a dear friend who passed away, some pipe cleaner art from a colleague and multiple red items that make me happy. 

The Office

I’d be lost without those little plastic storage bags that zip shut.    I tuck away all of those loose cords, headphones and other little bits of things that tangle up and drive me crazy.    They come in multiple sizes….oh happy day!!!

Screenshot 2015-03-14 13.07.31

As for the desk drawer, it’s takes a few minutes to tidy almost every time I sit down as little odds and ends migrate here from all over the house.    I have great intentions with those packages of buttons (you know…the ones that are attached to new jackets, dresses….etc), a shoelace (not sure where they other one landed) and a random mint but honestly, it usually ends up in the bin in the end so I’ve learned to let it go early.  🙂

Screenshot 2015-03-14 13.07.43

So, I dare you.   Take one drawer/closet/cupboard and SORT IT!  

Love always,