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The Good Dr. is my Friend….(repeat as needed)

So, little factoid.  I have high blood pressure.   It’s not a little high mind you….it’s to the MOON high.


I came home after a business trip from Calgary in March of 2014 and I was feeling really worn out.   I had a cough so bad that finally,  one sunny Wednesday afternoon, my DAH (dear almost husband) and I headed over to the walk in clinic.   The good Dr. checked my BP, was quietly musing, then sent me downstairs for an EKG and ultrasound. By the time I was done the required testing he was waiting for me at reception.   He asked me to go directly to the hospital.   Like now.   Right now.

DAH to the rescue!   We made a quick side trip to my brothers to drop off my car.   OK, wait…I need to back up a bit to provide some context.   DAH and I had just started seeing each other again after 20 long years apart.   My family was not aware that we were testing the waters of something familiar but new.    Well, nothing like jumping back into things with both feet right babe?    I knocked on my brothers door, asked to leave the car in the driveway for a bit, then said, surprise!   You remember DAH?   They greeted each other like they’d just had a beer last week.   Hahaha.

Where was I.  Oh right!  DAH to the rescue!   When they took my numbers at the hospital my BP was a whopping 220/180.   They handed my health card to DAH and told him to get me checked in.    I was whisked promptly into emergency, the IV was started and doctors and nurses were milling about my bed.  There is NO WAY her BP is that high.   Check again.   Is this machine broken?    Give me a manual cuff…silence.     Turns out, I stayed for three days.   A bit of a cough.   I felt FINE…..who knew?    There’s a reason this disease is called the silent killer.  For (stubborn) women especially.


Did I mention that 20 years ago, I walked into a doctors office, was redirected to the emergency room to the local oncologist and ended up undertaking 2 years of chemo and a bone marrow transplant?   No?   I’ll fill you in on November 5th.   My DAH was there the day I was diagnosed back in 1991 too.    It’s no accident that this man is in my life again!  🙂   What a blessing!

All of that background to say, I had my annual checkup today and kept repeating this line….”the good Dr. is my friend…the good Dr. is my friend” until I was up the elevator.   I say annual because it’s meant to have a yearly recurrence but in my case, it’s been…..20 years or so, outside of this little BP thing.  I was a ridiculously nervous but managed to exit the building without landing myself in the hospital.   Success!

Needless to say my blood pressure took a kicking today….white coat syndrome and all.   But after everything, do you really blame me?

Sending you love, love, love (for a very healthy day),