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Thanksgiving at Bon Echo

Thanksgiving with the Brinks is my favourite time of the year.   Each year, trailers are packed with our piles of blankets, our reorganized camping totes and we head to our most beloved park to set up for a few days of R&R.   There’s an alarming amount of coffee, plenty of food, glorious walks, peaceful afternoon naps and the best nights sleep you could ask for.

Four generations of family together.

I love that mom and dad passed on their love of camping.    Those days in the summer were right in the middle of dad’s busy excavating season and he simply told his clients no, shut the doors, and he and mom packed up the family and left.    I didn’t appreciate what kind of sacrifice that was at 5 or 7 years old.   🙂    Family time was precious, and year after year, for as long as I remember, it was just a normal part of our summer.

We often reminisce about those summers with our Rozema cousins.    Those days that Uncle John and Dad drove the boat until we were all EXHAUSTED from waterskiing.   Sunday morning church at the amphitheatre.  The eagerly anticipated walk across the big rock that took ALL day.   Trips to the marina for more gas so we could ski again tomorrow.   Jef tying to ski to and from the shore so he wouldn’t get wet.

It’s time for a Brink/Rozema reunion.   And I have JUST the idea….but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the details!

Sending love, love, love for a day with great memories!

Love always,


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