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Moving the G-man

Moving out of this house after a year with the G-man will be difficult.  It’s been a complete JOY to have our oldest in the house as he works and prepares for his second year of college.

As we moved him out this weekend, I reflected on the last year with this man that is not my son, but could easily be.   His sense of right and wrong, the way he cares for his two sisters, his loyalty to his friends and his easy going spirit are things I will miss dearly.   The way he leaves crumbs on the counter, his love of peanut butter, honey, chocolate milk, and the way he doesn’t quite close the shower curtain are all things that remind me that he is near.  🙂

I sent him off to his new abode with a new peanut butter, some pork and beans, some popcorn and of course some fruit and vegetables and a reminder to not skip the fruits and vegetables.  🙂

2015-07-12 12.54.38

2015-07-12 12.53.46

So the only question now is…will I cry when I drop him off?   Of course I will.  🙂

Love always,