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I HEART my stand mixer…

Today is @HOPE day!    I spent any spare time yesterday baking, doing dishes, baking, rinse, repeat.    With 80 or so attending the coffee bar event on the weekend, cookies are required.    Did I already mention that I love my stand mixer?   If not I LOOOOOOOOOVE my stand mixer.   Any excuse to bake …I’m in!   Another round on Friday and I’ll be ready. 

Screenshot 2015-03-13 20.08.32

I have added the E/O – HEALTH – log BP and medication appointment to the schedule.   I need to track some data for the next month or so prior to my first visit with my new family doctor.    After a year without a family physician, I’m beyond thrilled to find one close to home.   

In March of last year, I landed on the cardiac floor of the local hospital and was gently encouraged to take some time off work.    My goal this year is to ensure I get to that fitness appointment each morning and get OFF the medications that I’m currently on.   Some of the issues I’m dealing with now are tied to my bone marrow transplant days…a story for another post when I know you have a coffee in hand.    Those were some of the BEST years of my life.   Yup.  The BEST!    

Happy excavating and organizing!

Love always,