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Camping. Day 8. August 5, 2016

My BP reading this morning was a whopping 116/95. Yikes. It’s going to dip a bit more before it starts heading up again.

These numbers might be fabulous for the average joe, but I feel like I need to nap or, at the very least, have someone to carry me around. ¬†Considering my initial readings of 220/180 back in 2014, this is a marked improvement so I’m not complaining. YAWnnnnn! ūüôā

We had planned to hike the Lookout Trail today but after a short walk around the campground, we ditched that idea. ¬† It was WAY more than I could handle. ¬†Upon returning to the trailer, a little nanna nap (yes, that’s for you Graham) was in order. I was asleep in under 30 seconds and out for a good hour.

It’s going to be a very low key day. ¬† ¬†So what was my dear Ron up to while I slept? ¬† He whittled an Inuksuk of my very own as a keepsake of this beautiful week of camping.


Love always,