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Camping. Day 6 – August 3, 2016

We’ve settled into our camping groove faster than ever. On our first full morning at Algonquin, I felt like we’d already been on site for a week. Zero stress. In fact, someone may need to come and yell at me as my blood pressure is barely registering. There are a few things that contributed to that feeling but I’d like to think that the trailer organization had a lot to do with it.

I’m a fusser. Always have been. Always will be. I’ve resolved that about myself long ago. The difference with this trailer versus the tent trailer is that there is a place. For EVERYTHING. The storage spaces all work and fit nicely into my OCD. All but one.

I’d say it drives my crazy but in truth, it’s only mildly annoying. The cupboard is long and narrow and uses up that lovely space between the wall and the fridge. I almost always need a flashlight to get to the back of it (ThruNite to the rescue!) It’s now 8:00 pm after a beautiful day and I have the urge to organize. Who needs that when it’s time to put your feet up and chill? Apparently, I do!!!

The pantry is the place I dig into as the days of our vacation draw to a close. Brown rice and Dreamfields pasta, chicken stock and almond milk, peanut butter, spices and the other shelf stable items. It houses our beer, wine, junk food, some baking supplies to ensure that when the chocolate cake monster strikes, I’m ready. The problem with the pantry, it’s has four shelves when it could easily have six. Some of the shelves have almost half of the height, completely empty. I suppose it’s like a purse. The bigger it is; the more stuff I’ll be tempted to take along.

We have a few weekend camping trips left but I know that I’m soon going to have to tidy things up and (gasp) start planning for the Thanksgiving camping extravaganza. Now that I’m almost done this post, and had a half hour of cleaning/reorganizing, I already know what I’m going to leave at home next time we venture out. And I need to go talk to Ron about building me a solution for my pantry conundrum. Oh honey!!!!!

Love always,