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50 Years of Love…We’re planning the party!!!

Planning the 50th Anniversary for our parents was such fun! The girls and I Pinterest-ed our way through ideas and Monday’s were spent cuddling Noah and working through the pile of things that needed doing. Lists…we all love lists.

It was great to ask questions about everything from “how many naps do you think dad took a day in a wheelbarrow” and “how many baby sets do you think you knit for the Dominican mom”?

We wandered through photos of a young girl, vacationing with her friends, working in the hospital, driving her adorable RED car (a “Prince” as it turns out). 🙂 Seeing photos of my mischievous dad while they were dating, then engaged and soon married. I so appreciate the young man that he was and loving the husband and father he turned out to be.

I can’t wait for the day! Family, hugs….love, love, love!  For now, the planning and baking is done.  It’s time for a little vacation!

Sending you love, love, love!